Shameless Cross-Promotion

By Jamie Bornstein

I have found that writing is one of the most therapeutic activities for my oft-unsettled mind. As such, I have decided to start a new blog call Papa Used to Say, which will focus on life, parenting and getting old(er).

The blog pays homage to my paternal grandfather, Benjamin “Bunny” Bornstein, who passed away when I was 9, the longest living of my four grandparents, and therefore the one I remember the most.

His values have been passed down through my father, and I hope, with any luck, I’ll successfully pass them down to the three little bastards in my life who I love so much but are so unbelievably challenging to raise.

I hope you’ll follow along.

Jamie Bornstein is the founder of Mental Health Safe Space. He lives in Sharon, MA with his wife and three children. He is the Senior Director of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, North America. He can be reached at

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